The simple way to track project change
We track every scope, time and cost change and communicate that with the whole project team; including your clients, contractors and other stakeholders
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Save time & get approvals faster

ScopeChange records all project information in one place and share this with everyone, that means no doubling up on data and your client sees what you see.

Set Baseline

When you start your project you can set up your project cost, time and scope baseline. Additionally, you can track the times, date and version of files issued to you.

Track Changes

Any project change can be initiated by any member of the project team, which will flag a review request to see whether a change request should be submitted.


Changes can be communicated to specific people or the whole team, using granular permission settings, allowing for ease of information sharing and quick approvals.

So what can ScopeChange do?

We think you're going to love these features as much as we do…

Contract Management

Say goodbye to excel spreadsheets, constant disagreements and keeping your system up to date with your clients. With information kept in the cloud, you save time.

Change Management

Sick of waiting until all the work is done before you get change requests approved? Well wait no longer, you can document a change so the audit trail never gets cold.

Financial Tracking

With our financial tracking you will immediately see the current contract value and what is left pending, so you can compare against your budget forecast to completion.

Document Management

Uploading document into the cloud means no more clogged inboxes, bouncing emails or wondering which is the latest drawing. Each change is documented, timestamped and easily traceable.

Timestamped Changes

Being a cloud product means we know the time and date of every change, every approval and every document change. You will be able to remember who did what, and when.

One-click Approvals

Submitting changes are as easy as clicking the send button. Additionally, approvals are a simple one-click away and documented in the cloud for peace of mind.


Quick to access to project specific and company wide dashboards so you can manage risk and problems at a glance, before they get too big to handle.


With a tool built from scratch for collaboration, you know you're in good hands. We want to be able to me able to manage your business relationship so you can focus on your projects.


Data stored in the cloud for everyone to share

Collaboration is critical to completing a project successfully, yet we do not place enough importance on improving how we work together. ScopeChange works to remove the barriers and make it easier to share information between companies; so you can see what they see. At it’s heart is a desire to take the pain out of collaboration, we do this by letting you:

  • Easily upload documents and the project team has instant access
  • Always have the most up to date information at hand
  • Forget emails! Create all notifications and correspondence within the app
  • Project Management is all about transparency and finding when and where decisions were made, so we've made this easy for you


    One source of project truth

    We have all been there, when we are tracing down an email written last year and we can’t find it. Well at ScopeChange we plan to change all that. With workspace in the cloud you never have to worry about keeping your inbox limit below a magical threshold, and we keep all your correspondence for the whole life of the project. Never worry about losing that email again. We have your back by providing you with:

  • A single repository of project information
  • Each change is recorded in the cloud, so all information has complete traceability
  • Have full oversight of all your projects performance in one place with our dashboards
  • Saving Time and Money

    Fast approvals and peace of mind

    One of the biggest drains on human capital is to track every piece of project data, keep it up to date and show it in an easily digestible way. With each organisation doing this separately, the current system is prone to duplication of work and disagreements or delays caused by different information. ScopeChange solves this by:

  • One-click approvals for project changes
  • Notifications when changes are approved and
  • No more disputes over who has the 'right' information
  • ScopeChange exists to eliminate duplicate information and slow approvals.
    We believe in giving you the tools to deliver your project.

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